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Pub Quiz

Traditional quiz with general and not-so-general knowledge questions.


Guess the words with missing vowels. With over 70,000 words, it's harder than you think!


A game of artistic wit and surreal silliness.

Fridge Magnet Haiku

Come up with a witty haiku using the given words or subject. Points are awarded by other players.

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Pass off your imaginary descriptions for real but obscure words.

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Guess the song, film or book via cryptic audio snippets.

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Bradwurst Hotel

Given a series of cryptic clues, find out where this mischievous little sausage has been on holiday!

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Billy the Quid

How much can you suffer beggars?

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Punny Bone

Do you find the Humerus Humorous? This game will have you in stitches!

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